Customer binding
with added value

Attractive service offers at the Point of Sale and brand loyalty are the most essential factors for commercial companies. These must, therefore, constantly try to convince new customers of the attractively of their offers and performances, binding their already existing clients to them at the same time by thoughtfully considered service measures.

Loyalty for Brands (L4B) are offering intelligent concepts for customer-binding which are supplying the decisive added value to commercial enterprises. These L4B binding instruments are innovative, convincing and always in line with the requests an needs of our clients customers. As a renumeration for their brand-fidelity, our customer-relationship campaigns are offering to commercial clients which-class products from well-renowned manufacturers in the non-food area. These products have an excellent reputation in the market with a very positive image so that customers are very keen and interested to obtain and buy them.


L4B customer-binding instruments are by no means “of the peg” but are tailor-measured by our brand experts to the individual needs of our clients and trade partners with regard to their contents, timely needs, budgeting and strategy. This way, the L4B campaigns are taking care that their set goal of customer-binding and thus achieving the maximum sales profit for out clients are performed within set time limits, efficiency and with long lasting effect.


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